On Track

Kinetic Installation, 2008-9

On Track is a performative assemblage involving a mechanical mop, a troupe of robotic brushes and spilling viscous fluids. The work develops an ironic lens through which to look at human endeavour, its overly complicated mechanisms and procedures, and their vulnerability to a slipperiness already built in.

The machinic assemblage brings together and sets up interactions between four systems: one mechanic-repetitive, another one robotic-agitated, an abrupt precipice, and a number of viscous liquids. Apparently set to clean, the mechanic and robotic protagonists interfere with and interrupt each other, teeter and spill. A disaster-prone scenario unfolds, creating an ever more slippery mess in intricately choreographed ways.

The work was created in collaboration with Linda Dement, Brigitte Prinzgau and Marion Tränkle; as part of e-MobiLArt, European Mobile Lab for interactive Media Artists, funded with support from the CULTURE 2007 Programme of the European Union.